Family History - Restoration

February 25, 2021

Why you should always get photographic prints   

Digital photographs are convenient and easy to grab with your phone however I doubt any of the following story would have happened if the original image was only saved as a digital file and not printed!

We quite often have customers bringing in old photographs and ask "Is there anything that can be done with this?"
The answer is always yes, but we are never 100% sure how well something will turn out until we scan it and start retouching it in Photoshop.

Heather came in with this photo of two soldiers and wanted one of the soldiers portraits enlarged and put into an antique frame with bulged glass. The original print was reasonably sharp and detailed but I worried once we enlarged it we would lose a bit of detail.
After some photoshop magic and using some old school sharpening techniques the print came out far better than I imagined. The next challenge is to put is safely back into the antique frame. Those bulged glass frames are notorious for breaking if you apply pressure in the wrong place.  (And as it turns out rather tricky to photograph too)

With technology these days and family tree websites people can find out all sorts of information about their ancestors.
Heather only found out later in life that the man in this photograph was in fact her father.
He was a soldier in Egypt and also a prisoner of war.

It's a very treasured photo.


Family History - Restoration
Family History - Restoration
Family History - Restoration
Family History - Restoration
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